Say bye-bye to Cafe Severino and say coffee cheers to Science Café!

During college, there wasn’t a school day that I never went to Cafè Severino with my friends.

It was our hangout, study, and pahinga spot AND the reason kung bakit laging ubos agad yung allowance ko. Hahahahahahaha!

I visited CvSU last week and was surprised by the coffee shop’s rebrand. ✨ Cafè Severino was historically nostalgic but I’m also captivated by the Science Cafe that promotes scientific literacy.

Soooooo I tried their Milky-Way Confection which is described as a creamy, coffee drink made with espresso, white chocolate sauce, and steamed milk.

Basically, it’s an Iced White Chocolate but we love it extra, right? 😉

Regardless of the changes, it’s still the coziest space to spend the afternoon with aircon. 😭✋🏼

AAAAAND I need to schedule a visit again to try more of their mind-blowing drinks like Cosmic-Americano and Quantum Latte.


📍 Ladislao Diwa Library Building

⏰Mon-Thurs, 8AM to 5PM

➡️ FB: Science Cafe by Cafe Severino

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