5 Free Online Classes You Can Attend While Staying At Home

Hey hobby aficionados! I have been seeing a lot of free online classes on social media and I decided to create a round up of these websites that offer courses you can join at home.

Listed are 5 free online classes that may interest your hobbies and boost creativity such as photography, dancing, visual arts, freelancing, and gardening!

Make sure to sign up and attend their free courses on time because most offers are only limited. Happy learning!

Fujifilm Academy Online

Fujifilm Philippines has launched the Fuijifilm Online Academy which aims to educate their customers about photography and videography while staying at home. Join the #FuijfilmPH online class on their facebook page by clicking here.

Online Ballet Fitness

Ballet Manila is bringing ballet to your homes on March 26. Enjoy a free online Ballet Fitness Class by Liza Macuja Elizalde on their facebook page. Stay in shape in this time of community quarantine.

Building Student Character inside the Classroom

If you are a freelancer who plans to level up your teaching skills online, you might want to join Smart Courseware’s online. More than just providing you with tips, you will be presented with a psychometrically validated tool to assess the character strengths of your students. Click here to learn more.

Google Arts and Culture

Explore the exhibitions of the world’s best art museums at Google Arts & Culture when click here. Have a museum your at home by visiting the Van Gogh Museum at Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Museum of Modern art in New York, USA, The National Gallery in London UK, and so much more!

Agricultural Training Institute

From basic beekeeping to basic urban gardening, the Agricultural Training Institute has prepared e-learning courses just for you. Visit their facebook page for more inquires or create your account here and join the #ElearningMovement.

Make the most of the quarantine period by staying at home, maintaining healthy habits, watching the news, and learning new hobbies.

Tell me what you think by posting online with #OpoTitaJa! Let me know if there are more free online classes on cyberworld so I can add it here. Feel free to share with me your e-learning movement experience!

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