Unlimited Red Wine flavoured chicken wings? Visit The Wings Haven!

There’s no love like chicken love!

…Or as my mantra goes as a fried chicken lover. I mean, who doesn’t go nuts over chicken meals? For years, I have tried A LOT of food places where unlimited chicken wings are being served.

Luckily, I came across this restaurant located at Imus, Cavite that serves chicken wings in 14 unique flavors including RED WINE for only a limited time!

Established on 2019, The Wings Haven is piece of dream that came to life for the store’s owner, Ma’am Cynthia.

According to her, they had to brainstorm in order to name the food place perfectly as they always wanted to serve food where customers can relax in divine, gloriously munching over unlimited chicken wings – heavenwards.

So yes, they came up with the name “The Wings Haven!”

Here’s a recap of my unlimited chicken wings experience at The Wings Haven!

14 flavors of chicken wings were served hot right after we arrived at the restaurant. It was 3 in the afternoon and haven’t had my lunch yet that time so I was drooling over the smell of flavors and spices as I was taking pictures.


These flavors has been remarkable to my taste. While Haven Cheese has became my favorite (because of course, I love cheese!), Soy Garlic has the perfect blend of sauce that I tasted the heavens on every bite. NO JOKE.

If you’re new to the restaurant, you might want to try their Haven’s Signature chicken first so you’ll have this standard of the original flavor when it comes to judging the variety of the next 13.

As seen on the picture, Haven Parmesan is a lot creamier than the Haven Cheese. You would not get confused with the two because this tastes 100% PARMESAN CHEESE.

I commend Classic Gravy for its simplicity. It tastes familiar probably because I have tried so many gravy brands. However, this flavor is really good and can be easily recognized that its from The Wings Haven.

Sweet and salty, you’ll never get enough of Tonkatsu!

First flavor that I’ve tried! I was overwhelmed with the amount of chicken that was served and we had to take a pictures, the closest to my hand was Roasted Sesame so I took a big bite and I asked for more.

Expecting that it would be spicy, I have prepared myself on tasting Smokey Barbecue. All was set, I have my handful of rice prepared, took a bite, and learned it wasn’t spicy at all. Haha! Well, good thing because I was able to finish my chicken.

As per the owners, The Angry Bird had been their best-selling flavor on the first few months of opening. Guess why and I wouldn’t argue with that!

Well talk about spicy. I wasn’t able to to finish my chicken because I could not take its spiciness! FUN FACT: I AM NOT A FAN OF SPICY FOODS. SORRY. But the flavor was great! I just wish I could take some more. Maybe I should practice with Pancit Canton first. Hmmmmmm.

For the most awaited flavor, I give my 5/5 rating to the Red Wine! The taste of alcohol perfectly balanced with the fried chicken. Very unique to my taste buds! Excellent! But if you’re planning to try this out, hurry! This flavor is sadly, only available for a limited time.

There’s more flavors to try aside from what I have mentioned above. But you must see them for yourself when you visit The Wings Haven! And aside from chicken wings, they also offer snack and meals on their menu like:

Haven Nachos for only 99 pesos! Worth the try and the price. It has minimal toppings which I prefer than overloaded. Hehe.

House blended iced tea! Regular is 49 while pitcher is at 89 pesos. Perfect thirst quencher for your chicken wings!

It only took 15-20 minutes to have our chicken served which was quite fast for 14 flavors. Hey, that’s 28 pieces of chicken wings with good plating!

For regular orders, customers will receive smoking 4 pieces of chicken wings and 1 cup of rice on their first order. If you ask for additional chicken, they will serve 2 more.

They provide plastic gloves and mini trash cans on the table for convenience. In my case, I used the basket for my take out. Hehe.

Even if there’s no time limit, leftovers are not allowed. You will pay 20 pesos for any chicken wing leftover and 25 pesos for rice.

The Wings Haven is located at Unit 7, 202, Daanan, Palico 4, Imus, Cavite. For directions, use waze or click here.

If you’re going to visit, the restaurant can only cater to maximum of 15 to 20 customers inside. Sometimes, they couldn’t accept customers when they are full. So make sure to send them a message ahead of time and ask for seat reservation or you could simply come and wait in line.

The place is aircondited and good for taking pictures. I have no concerns and did not encounter problems on the location. It was relaxing. Plus, they have a Wi-Fi connection!

Look at that satisfied smile! The Wings Haven just became my standard for local businesses that serve unlimited chicken wings.

Relaxing ambience, an afternoon where only OPM was played, accommodating employees, great foods and drinks, even the store owner is approachable and answered my questions politely, this is an awesome chicken experience!

But like every food place that serves unlimited chicken wings, I also went home smelling like fried chicken. Maybe this is the only thing that they should work out. But all in all, it was fulfilling! Thank you so much, Ma’am Cynthia of The Wings Haven and Sir Torn Cruise of TigaSouth Kaba for having me!

Here are more photos:

Sulit serving of rice
Left a note recommending red wine flavor
Refreshing wall decors
Me taking pictures using Oppo F3

That would be all for this experience! Thank you for reaching towards the end. I hope you enjoyed reading.

The Wings Haven

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Store Hours: 2PM until 10PM

TigaSouth Kaba

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