10 First Timers Guide to the Biggest Booksale in the Philippines

Just in case you’re having second thoughts, there are still seven days left to enjoy the Big Bad Wolf Manila 2020, the biggest booksale in the country! I repeat, SEVEN!

Short recap on the booksale launch: On February 13, lucky book nerds were given a head start to experience the BBW during the VIP Day (sana all!). On 14th, the event officially opened its doors to literally everyone because admission is FREE, and on the 15th, I was able to come to the World Trade Center for my first Big Bad Wolf experience!!

Since it’s my first time to attend, I couldn’t help but create guidelines from what I have learned for first timers like me. Here’s what I did and what I should have done before, during and after the booksale that could have made me more prepared and ofcourse, sane-rrrr.


I honestly tried my luck on facebook by joining give away promos before the VIP event. There were tons of contests hosted by my co-bloggers, facebook pages, and even the BBW itself. I’d like to believe that the 13th wasn’t for me. I have won no contest, even on the last minute. But no worries, I still came on the second day and I was so excited because a.) admission was free, b.) there were food stalls where snacks were being sold, and c.) the event is open for 24 hours! That gave everyone 264 hours of access to the BWW.


I do not like to exaggerate but the venue was HUGE! It was crazy, I didn’t even know where to start my hunt. So I went to the upper right section that displays the bestseller copies and from that area, I went downward right. If you don’t have any idea on what sections of books you’ll find there, here’s a few I can recall: Bestseller, Young Fiction, History, Reference, Self-help, Romance, Board books, Art & Photography, Architecture, Technology, Activity Books, Non-books, and so much more!

Here’s a tip, if you are coming to the sale, list the genre of books or authors you are planning to purchase in prior so you won’t have to spend the entire day (like I did) not knowing what to look for.


Prepare your most comfortable yet stylish #OOTD. I felt too cozy at the event that I wished I should have worn my favorite pair of pajamas instead. Since I was a first timer, I didn’t know if the venue would be hot or will freeze my hands until it could not hold books anymore. So I came in a sleeveless top and tied a jacket around my waist to compliment the look and to make sure that I’d be comfortable. Also, wear rubber shoes or your favorite sandals that will help you end the day callus-free. Got to take care of your feet too.


If you are looking for a particular title, you may always seek for help at the customer service area. They will be happy to assist and fulfill your request. There are also BBW staff who roam around the venue to refill the section displays and put back the books that were left on the cart – you may also ask for their assistance. Restrooms are located inside the hall, while food stalls and drinking or eating of foods are only allowed before the entrance.


Apply for BBW Membership for FREE and get yellow tag titles in cheaper prices! Keep your eyes sharp and you might be lucky to spot a book with a yellow tag. These books are at a lower price compared to discounted books. Try harder and you might be extra lucky today to get up to 90% off!


The BBW has a section for graphic novels! If you’re a comic collector, then you must be keen on searching for that missing collectible to finally complete your shelf and sleep well tonight. Don’t think twice! You may never see these titles in their cheapest price ever again!


Try to come up with the most creative shot you can think of! BBW is giving away 700 peso vouchers everyday if you join the hashtags #BBWManila20CheckIn and #BBWManila20Flex. Post your photo on social media and get the chance to win a trolley of books! Click here to learn more.


When it comes to souvenirs, I’d like to buy myself something to remind me that I was once in “that” place. I bought this BBW ref magnet for only 120 pesos each at the lobby. There are a lot of magnet designs available. You can also find stickers, pins, magnetic bookmarks and tote bags that you might want to take home, although it will add to your expenses, in the name of your BBW 2020 experience.


IT WAS FUN UNTIL IT WAS EXCRUCIATING. I have done my best to pick the most comfy pair of shoes for that day but as I walked for hours, my once excited feet finally gave up on me. As much as I try to push myself to walk a little more, try to search at the next section of books because I might have lapsed a good read, I am still a human. I have my limitations and I must accept it. Such a stubborn that I am, I still managed to leave the payment line to check on the carts of books that were left behind by those supposed-to-be book owners which was a good idea because there were titles which caught my attention that I added to my long list of books to choose from.


Here’s what I got from the BBW 2020 and we’ll go through them one by one on my next blog post. Believe me or not, these titles only cost about 1600 pesos! You can’t blame me if I want more!!

There you have it! I hope that you enjoyed this blogpost and you’ll get a thing or two from it to prepare you for your BBW experience. First timer or not, we can’t deny the Big Bad Wolf booksale, a once a year event, makes our excitement get through us (rage!!!). Also, a short reminder, please take care of yourself. Wear your masks, keep your hands clean, and follow the instructions and policies that are implemented by the organization.

Have fun! Tag me on your BBW 2020 with the hashtag #OpoTitaJa. Good luck and happy reading!