Atarah Organics Review: Cosmetic brand Conquering Alfonso, Cavite

As locally-made cosmetic products continue to steal places on every Filipina’s make up routine, standards were also being set high by make up lovers – two of which we are bound to set for ourselves too: affordability and simplicity.

Atarah Organics sent me a box of their organic cosmetic products locally made in Alfonso, Cavite. Here’s the list of new items you’d wish to add inside your make up box and my honest opinion on my experience. Happy reading!

Established in 2018, Jonellene Faith Aquino, brand owner, had decided to put up a business to support her studies and ministry. She started with clothes, home and living items, watches and accessories until she learned that she has to create something on her own.

Faith’s sensitive skin brought her to the idea of starting a make up line. She handcrafted organic formula to produce lip tints, work on its packaging one by one, and have the products delivered to her customers which she handled only by herself. Now at 23, her hardwork brought her to bigger opportunities. She has now added more items on her online shop and was able to have Atarah Organics displayed and sold in a concept store at Silang Cavite. #GOALS

1. Clay Blush

Shades: Summer, Autumn

Size: 15g

Scent: Fruity

Packaging: Tightly sealed in plastic

Price: 159 pesos

Application: lips, cheeks and eyelids

Product Swatch:

Left to right: Autumn, Summer


Clayblush is not really me. Maybe that’s why this is the last product I have tried in the collection. But Atarah Organics surprised your tita with the level of this item’s quality! Creamy, easy to apply, and good pigment clayblush. Blendable! Lasted almost a day on my cheek amidst the hot sun and cold breeze of wind at my school, applied 6 in the morning and I only had to do my retouch by 3 in the afternoon. However, it does not leave heavy color on your skin. If you plan on wearing a glam make up, I suggest to refrain from applying thick amount of clayblush because it will make your blush patchy. I recommend this product for light and natural make up looks but you can also try it on any way that would work for you!

2. Mini Balm deluxe size

Shades: Cherry, Plumberry, Cotton, Candy and Apricot

Size: 3g

Scent: Candy

Packaging: 5 pieces in a pink mesh bag, white plastic container

Application: lips, cheeks and eyelids

Price: 59 pesos each, 249 for a set (5)

Product Swatch:

Left to right: Cherry, Plumberry, Apricot, Cotton, and Candy

I live for matte lip products! What I like most about this cute-sized item is it comes very handy that I can put it inside my pocket or a purse whenever I leave the house. This balm is also creamy, moisturizing, light weight and really wearable. Same as the clay blush, thick application can cause chappy lips, it also has light pigment, and lasts for 3-5 hours without oily meals.

3. Lip Tint

Shades: Eiya, Bless, Venice, Rhealle, Carla, Haily, Syryl, Joy

Size: 10 ml

Scent: Fruity

Packaging: glass tube, gold cap, tightly sealed in plastic

Application: cheeks and lips

Price: 130 pesos

Product Swipe:

Left to right: Eiya, Bless, Venice, Rhealle, Carla, Haily, Syryl, Joy


Atarah Organics has claimed their liptints to be “long lasting, doesn’t crack lips, semi gel consistency, light weight” and I would not argue with that!

4. Pixie Stain

Shades: Chelle, Pearl

Size: 10mg

Scent: Fruity

Packaging: benetint-inspired glass container, tightly packed in plastic

Application: Lips

Product Swatch:

Top to bottom: Pearl, Chelle, Blended Pearl, Blended Chelle


If you are looking for liptints with powdered matte stain finish, then this product might be perfect for you! Pixie Stain is the 3rd brand of local matte liptint I have tried so far and I can say that it’s not bad. I liked that it was really pigmented and lasts long when applied. It does not dry fast so you can blend it out on your lips. The only concern that I have is when it stays too long, the stain gets dry and make my lips chappy. So make you sure to have your lips exfoliated and moisturized before applying the product.

5. Let it Grow! Castor Oil

Shades: Clear/Transparent

Size: 10ml

Scent: None

Packaging: mascara plastic tube, plastic wand, tightly sealed in plastic

Application: on eyelashes and/or eyebrows

6. Airblush

Shades: One shade only

Size: 10g

Scent: Creamy, fruity

Packaging: Clear plastic container

Application: Cheeks, Eyelids, Lips

Product Swatch:


My first time to use air blush!! This Atarah Organics’ product is the creamiest blush I have ever applied on my skin. Althout it is light weight and does not leave heavy pigment, it sticked on my skin for about 3-4 hours. I recommend this!

Here are my favorite shades for each item:

Clay Blush: Autumn

Mini Balm: Cherry

Liptint: Haily

Pixie Stain: Pearl

When it comes to affordability, Atarah Organics offers quality and amazing products in prices even regular high school students can afford! From the tints to blushes, excellent! Excellent! While on simplicity, each products had their own remarkable colors and textures. But everything is so easy to use! You can apply your make up on the way if you are running late. I am definitely recommending this to everyone who is looking for the best, affordable, and simple local brands!

Airbrush on my cheeks, Summer Clayblush on my lips
Summer Clayblush on my cheeks, Liptint in the shade Bless on my Lips
Cotton Mini Balm on my lips

My make up looks using Atarah Organics will be posted separately to emphasize each product’s coverage. Stay tuned!

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