Grandmother knows best: Sibyullee Unlimited Korean BBQ, Alabang Town, Center

There are tons of Samgyup and Korean BBQ places at the South but I just got to say that Sibyullee serves the most mouth-watering korean dishes. Plus, there was no ‘umay’ moment in my experience!

“Sibyullee is named for a small village in Korea with a wet market where our founder’s grandmother used to shop for fresh fruit and vegetables to use in her cooking. Today, we are proud to offer authentic unlimited Korean Barbecue using premium meats sourced from USA and Europe carefully marinated with our secret sauces, deliciously tasty Korean Friend Chicken and our signature Seafood Pancake.” – Sibyullee

One of the things that I look for when I dine at restaurants (aside from caffeinated beverages hehe) is the selection of unique dishes – something new or something I have never heard of. At first, I expected the same Korean dishes from all the samgyup places I have been before. To my surprise, Sibyullee has more to offer!

You can choose from their long list of barbecue and enjoy grilling as much as you want!

Spicy Marinated Chicken and Sweet & Spicy Marinated Pork
Woo Samgyup (Fresh Pork Belly) and Salt Pepper Chicken
Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup and Samgyupsal
Chili Bean Samgyupsal and Spicy Pork Bulgogi
Haemul Pajeon (Seafood pancake)
Beef Bulgogi Gimbap
Spicy Korean Fried Chicken
Sibyullee’s side dishes
You better dine with your parents, munchkin! They serve ice cold Soju here. :””))

An assigned crew will grant your request for refills. During my experience, a crew was standing almost right next to our table to help us with our barbecue. Sibyullee has an excellent customer service, I must say. Hindi nakakainip, everyone was approachable, even the manager who introduced me to the restaurant the moment I came in.

I loved the atmosphere in the Alabang Town Center branch! It was not crowded and there were hanging plants in the cashier area for fresh air. There’s another room, an extension of Sibyullee – which means you can choose between two themes: a. perfect for natural lighting if you go for bright instagram feed, b. comfy and cozy room if you are into coffee-colored feed (like me!). This is located at the ground floor, Corporate Center, Alabang Town Center.


Weekdays: 529 LUNCH, 585 DINNER

Weekends/Holidays: 585 ONLY!!

Experience authentic Korean barbecue at Sibyullee’s two more branches:

Ground Floor, Ayala Malls the 30th, Meralco Avenue, Pasig

OPENING SOON: Ayala Malls, Manila Bay

I am beyond satisfied! Sulit ang 2 hours na byahe, I really enjoyed it there at Sibyullee. Given that they serve unlimited meals, unlimited barbecue, unlimited side dishes, I ate so much I was able to finish two cups of rice along with lettuce and samgyup. Hindi nakaka-umay and nakakasawa yung meat. I remember my first Korean BBQ experience at Tagaytay, I swore to never eat meat the whole week kasi sobrang nakaka-umay (or is it just me, masyado lang ba akong maraming kinain ‘non?) well whatever the reason was, now I can say I found a Korean BBQ place that I will surely try again. Medyo amoy barbecue lang ako after because of the smoke, hindi kasi na-aabsorb lahat ng exhaust. But from food, beverages, service, and location, I am impressed!

Here are more photos:

Cheese dip!!
Looking at it now, I still drool over this photo. Take me back!
Full table for 5 persons, sulit!
Cheers for my second restaurant collaboration this January. Here’s to more!

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