50 Things To Do For a Clutter-Free 2020

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As a kid, I used to collect a lot of stuff storing them randomly inside shoe boxes. I recall picking up stones from the ground, keeping a comic strip from one-peso chocolate toffee, and building a tower out of my Captain Barbel-themed “pogs” and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

The first time I sort these possessions was in junior high school. Completely hesitant of throwing my belongings that reminded me how awesome my childhood was, I kept all these odd collections, letters, loose bracelets, and even bottle caps inside a box and placed it under the bed.


Years later, I realized how my room was filled with things I thought I needed. There were rows of boxes and containers of souvenirs I forgot about – occupying almost a cabinet and took half the space under my bed. Being a do-it-yourself-project addict myself, I researched for some possible ways on Pinterest on organization. That’s how I learned the Konmari method. But as I stared at years worth of my belongings, it was always hard to decide whether an item “sparked joy” or not.



Even so, here are 50 ways on how I started to declutter and organize my belongings that may also help you to start new for 2020:


  1. Sort out your clothes in three categories: the yes, the not anymore, and the maybe.
  2. Throw away any under garment that has holes, bad elastic, or you have just outgrown.
  3. Toss any bra that does not fit, has a broken underwire, or that one item you do not wear simply because you don’t like it.
  4. Throw out any piece of clothing that is beyond repair.
  5. Donate clothes that no longer fit or those you know you would not wear again.
  6. Dispose broken jewelry and those earrings that has its pair missing.
  7. Throw out shoes that are beyond repair, worn-out, and overused even if its your favorite.
  8. Give away handbags, pouches, and wallets you no longer use.
  9. Throw out old pillow cases and bed sheets even if it reminded how you were unable to use the toilet when you were little.
  10. Get those socks with holes and loose garters out from your drawer.


Living Room

  1. Trash scratched CD’s.
  2. Give the old CD’s you no longer listen to your musically-inclined friend (not that I suggest that you should hand them to me haha!).
  3. Donate books or magazines you don’t read anymore. There are organizations on facebook that are in need for donations to conduct back-to-school projects and build-a-library programs. Go ahead and make a child smile today.
  4. Throw away ripped books and magazines. If you have an idea on how to recycle and re-purpose them, help someone out and post it with the hashtag #opotitaja.
  5. Trash outdated or broken electronic devices responsibly.
  6. Donate or throw out old DVD’s you don’t watch.
  7. Give away those board games, cards and puzzles that you no longer play with your cousins and childhood play mates. Aw.
  8. Toss out unreadable notes and letters from the past. I always have a hard time doing this because I just can’t give up those “hApi biRthdei ateh jAnella gOd blezz u” messages from my elementary classmates and the students I handled on catechism. So I had to organize them instead. I compiled the notes and letters inside an old notebook while the drawings and illustrations in a brown envelope so I can save up space and at the same time, keep these valuable items.
  9. Sort the piles of handouts from the class you don’t even remember who your instructor was. I mean, it’s also hard to decide if you should keep it for future references or toss it out because you no longer need them. Weigh its use-ability. If you’re taking Journalism, most probably you will find your algebra handouts for minimal use. The same with other courses. You can always use the internet to search about what you are looking for.
  10. Throw your pens that had ran out of ink and those that you no longer use. Stop storing that set of markers from 5 years ago just because it’s aesthetically pleasing.


Cosmetics and Beauty Products

  1. Consider what items you use everyday and those you use occasionally.
  2. It is important to make the daily used items much more accessible and easy to find than the occasional items.
  3. Trash any out of date cosmetics. There is no need to keep an expired moisturizer just because it costed you a lot of money.
  4. Trash old make up brushes.
  5. Sort beauty products: what you will never use that can be given away and what you will never use that should be trashed.
  6. Dispose you n-year-old hair brushes.
  7. Throw face and hand towels with holes or frayed edges or reuse them to wipe off dirty surfaces in your room.
  8. There is no need to keep gift sets of bath stuff when you dislike the smell.
  9. If items are sealed and not expired, go ahead and give them away. Otherwise, although I hate throwing away beauty products, it is more sanitary to bin used products when you’re decluttering.
  10. Keep all your toiletries and make up on a container. Clear off an area in your room to place these items or clean your bathroom sink area. It will allow you to go with your daily skin care routine in a more organized way.


  1. Give up those loyalty and reward cards you don’t use.
  2. Throw away receipts you no longer need or have a hobby of sticking and recording your receipts in your journal. I do this a lot especially when a receipt has a good story behind it.
  3. Check any notes, paper, faded 1 x 1 identification cards and make sure you trash what you don’t need anymore.
  4. Trash expired coupons you hoarded for free sundae.


Office/Hobby Area

  1. Abandoned hobbies. If you no longer plan on pursuing watercolor painting, give your sets of brushes away or motivate yourself to continue doing the things you used to love.
  2. Promotional products. Figure out which is still beneficial for you and which sits on your table for 5 months that writes ‘lot for lease’.
  3. Compile the poems you have written in a notebook so you don’t have to open thousands of folders looking for a specific piece. I had a hard time doing this because I was too lazy to rewrite my works.
  4. Dispose those calculators that do not work anymore.
  5. Throw away that extra bubble wrap you got from a Lazada delilvery. Recycle if you can. Be responsible!
  6. Donate or sell the sports items that you have outgrown.
  7. Throw out scraps of material you have been saving for more than year.
  8. Trash dried up glues, pens, and markers. Huwag na ipilit.
  9. Get rid of spare bits and pieces of yarn, paper, and other items.
  10. Donate or give way any supplies you have never used.


Miscellaneous Items

  1. Trash dead batteries.
  2. Get rid of old birthday invitations. That daughter of your mama’s friend turned 18 years old about 4 years ago.
  3. If you have any chipped or broken picture frames, throw them out.
  4. Go through your pet’s supplies. Throw that poor, ragged, chewed stuff animal your furry friend used to binge-eat.
  5. Dispose your broken reading glasses and sunglasses.
  6. Toss out old wrapping paper you were saving for Christmas 2021.


There you go, some methods I use when I declutter and organize my things. Some I learned from the blogs I have read, few from Marie Kondo and mostly I mastered from my mama. Remember that you can always come up with an idea to recycle and re-purpose your belongings. My trash usually undergo segregation so I can understand the use and the proper disposal of an item more. You can create and plan a decluttering method that suits your lifestyle and I would love it if you will share it with me.


Well done! You have already taken a HUGE step in living a clutter-free life. If you’re a checklist junkie like me, here’s a free printable, one in English and one in Filipino so you can choose what vibe of guide you need to go through your decluttering without missing something. Happy 2020!

If you think this is helpful, print out my checklist and tag me online with the hashtag #opotitaja. If not, edi wow.