Your Tita in her 2019 Year Review

As 2020 approaches, I summed up all my small accomplishments from January to December. Get to know me as I recall my first and best times this year that have made me the tita I am today.


  • First out of town without my parents (’cause I still follow my curfew) using my own savings! Iponaryo tips? All thanks to Chinkee Tan’s books that you can ALSO avail if you send me a message on my instagram account. We toured around Baguio City for 3 days and 2 nights, had stop overs at Pangasinan and Pampanga where I tried signature dishes, delicacies and of course, coffee!


  • First time to perform at the Cultural Center of the Philippines for PASINAYA 2019 with our piece “Mga Iyak ni Maria” written and directed by the best, Urie Clamor. Learn more about Student Artiste Society here.
  • Became a brand ambasadress for a cosmetic line. RVN Matte Liptint is a small local business at Cavite owned by Miss Raven Isidro. Check out the organic products they offer on their instagram account.
  • My first time ever to participate as an exhibitor at a Travel Expo held at the SMX Convention Center – Mall of Asia. Planning to have a short trip or a grand vacation at Coron, Palawan? Vella Terraces is the best place to spend your work leave! Visit Vella Terraces’ facebook page or book your schedule on Trip Advisor. Now na. Listen to tita ja. Agad agad!


  • I had the chance to perform my original song on radio! “Sa Paglaya” is a song I have composed overnight for StArS’ major production, “Gabing Nanaginip sa Gitna ng Tag-araw”, an adapatation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We were invited by Katropa DWDD-Crs Virtual RTV for their segment “Usapan at Kantahan.”
  • It was my first time to watch Orange and Lemons perform live.


  • For our theatre organization’s major production, I was given the opportunity to become the GNGT’s Music Composer. Written by Sir Urie Clamor, I have composed the music for “Hele Na” and “Titanya at Oberon.”
  • I was chosen to play the role of Hermia, one of the four lovers in the story of Gabing Nanaganip sa Gitna ng Tag-araw.


  • Estudyante pa rin ang tita niyo! Had a successful research paper defense for my first year in college, second semester.
  • After my tight schedule and restless nights, I still managed to have my grades qualified as President’s Scholar. Which only means one thing, full scholarship! Yehey!



  • My first time to participate in KABISIG where luckily I had the chance to perform as a part of Saint John Nepomucene Parish Youth Ministry and was assigned for the opening salvo choreographed by Kuya Fhabz. Know more about his creations, schedules and achievements on his facebook page.


  • Performed for Parish Youth Gathering 2019’s opening salvo held at Alfonso, Cavite.
  • Visited Holy Mt. Banahaw, Dolores, Quezon for the third time to serve, clean up Sta. Lucia’s river with my family, and to take a good photo I seldom post online.


  • Performed “Magpakita Kang Muli”, an excerpt from Himala: The Musical at Youth Leadership Summit held at Cavite State University – Main Campus.
  • I turned 20!


  • Spent the entire month learning, conceptualizing and writing music for STRASUC 2019: Local Search. Along with my 2 batch mates, we participated in the Short and Sweet Musical Category as Student Artiste Society’s proud representatives.


  • Ranked first place at STRASUC: Local Search 2019! Next stop, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
  • Tanghalan 2019 was held at Cavite State University in support for the representatives for regionals wherein we performed our musical piece “Iyak ni Maria”.
  • I played as Donya Azul for “Backpage” in the celebration of StArS’ 8th Theatre Festival.

  • November
  • Outdid the regionals by placing 2nd! It was the first time StArS prepared an entry for the Short and Sweet Musical category and it was just truly amazing how everything worked well like how we prayed it for. None of this would be possible without our artistic director, thank you for trusting my passion for music Sir Urie!


  • Finally finishing the semester and still qualified for scholarship. Grateful for my college tropa and classmates for helping me catch up on the lessons I missed or on my lutang moments because I was too sleepy or tired in class. Haha!
  • Attended a seminar on Children’s Congress “Karapatan ng Bawat Kabataan” as an Sangguniang Kabataan representative.
  • Had my first sideline where I actually “earned”. Yay!

There were days that I have been unproductive, times where I sat the whole day on my social media accounts, and countless moments I thought of myself turning 21 in few months – that I have not achieved anything yet and that I have nothing in my life to be proud of. But looking back, as I scroll through my photos and pages of my journal, I realized how much 2019 has been fruitful for me.

For my first blog, I write this not to brag about my experiences but to remind myself that despite the hardships and failures this year, I continued to keep my head held high. There may be people who became the critics for the things I lack and my insecurities, but this will serve as my encouragement to do everything at my best next year.

We all go through different paces. I believe that we were given the purpose of doing something on the situation where we found ourselves today. What we do and what we fail to do are just our baby steps towards the person we want to become. For 2019, the most remarkable lesson I pondered about is to step out of my comfort zone. It may be easy to say and hard to do, but keep in mind that there are opportunities and adventures ahead that you will miss if you fear on freeing yourself.

What experience slapped you hard this year? What are your new year’s resolutions? Leave a comment, send me a message on Instagram or type your email on the box below to keep in track on my next blog posts.


22 thoughts on “Your Tita in her 2019 Year Review

  1. “We all go through different paces. I believe that we were given the purpose of doing something on the situation where we found ourselves today. What we do and what we fail to do are just our baby steps towards the person we want to become.” Thank you for saying this. Looking forward for more coffee blogs. ☺

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  2. Hi Janella! I loved reading through this and learning more about you 😊❤️ I appreciated the encouragement you included at the end! I am also looking for ways to step out of my comfort zone, and it is so rewarding.

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